Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil - 500 ml

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Important source of energy, Nutritional Value with Fat soluble Vitamins. Processed at low temperatures preserving all the nutrients and minerals. Processed without any chemicals or preservatives.

Coconut Oil has been used for centuries making it one of the most popular oils globally. It is used all over the world, but more prominently used in South American, African, and Asian continents. Almost all of South India uses Coconut Oil to prepare their food. Coconut oils are typically available in two varieties - unrefined or cold-pressed and refined oil. Our Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is produced by cold-pressing the liquid from the coconut meat, later extracting the oil from milk and water and has a translucent appearance. It is 100% natural, unbleached, and cold-pressed. Virgin coconut oil is popular for its distinctive aroma, taste, powerful antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and essential vitamins to name a few. Cold - Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil Coconut oil is high in MCTs, a type of fat that your body metabolizes differently than most other fats. Coconut oil helps burn fat and is good for heart health. Virgin Coconut oil is used in a number of beauty products and is touted as a miracle beauty ingredients. It's use is vast and varied, with numerous benefits.

Net Weight - 500ml.
Shelf life - 12 months.
Origin - Kerala

The Right Tip-
An oil that definitely is a must in every pantry is Right Foods' Cold - Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil. It is one of the best oils to cook with because it has a high smoke point (about 350°F) which means the healthy fats are not denatured during the cooking process. It is a good idea to use Coconut Oil while deep frying, because of its high smoking point. The taste is delicious and Coconut oil is high in saturated fats and doesn’t appear to change quality during deep frying. It is often used to deep fry banana chips, fish, chicken or vegetable pakodas. Coconut oil is best suited for people on a vegan, keto or a high fat diet. Our Right beauty tip would be to take 3 Tablespoons of our cold-pressed virgin coconut oil and apply it into your scalp 2-3 times a week - this will prevent hair breakage and help in volumizing it too.

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