Organic Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil - 1 Litre

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Important source of energy, Nutritional Value with Fat soluble Vitamins .Processed at low temperatures preserving all the nutrients and minerals. Processed without any chemicals or preservatives.

Groundnut Oil is widely used in the Asian subcontinent. Also known as Peanut Oil it has a bold nutty-sweet taste that is high in calories but low in saturated fats. Cold Pressed Groundnut oil is made by using old traditional methods, where peanuts are crushed to force out the oil. This process is done without the use of any heat or artificial refining agents, because of which Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil contains most of its original nutrition and flavor. Today, Groundnut oil has gained great popularity owing to its health benefits, like it is a good source of the antioxidant vitamin E, which may help reduce heart disease risk factors. It may also help improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar in those with diabetes. Peanut oil has resveratrol which protects our cells from cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and nervous system diseases and also boosts the immune system. It's made up of mostly monounsaturated fatty acid content that actually helps lower bad cholesterol and up the good cholesterol.

Net Weight - 1lr.
Shelf life - 9 months.
Origin - Rajasthan

The Right Tip-
Groundnut Oil is probably one variety oil that works well for sautéing, grilling and deep-frying because of its high smoke point (about 230 degrees C). This means that it is quite heat resistant and does not burn easily. Indians and Chinese use it most abundantly, in snacks, curries, fried food, and stir fry meats and veggies. A mid-day snack that heightens all taste buds is Crispy Tandoori Peanuts. A hearty crunchy snack, enjoyed best at tea time or with drinks and can be stored for a long time. Using Right Foods' Besan, Ajwain, Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cumin Powder, Tandoori Masala and Himalayan Pink Salt make a semi thick batter by adding little water. Coat roasted skinless peanuts in this batter, next heat our Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil in a heavy bottomed pan and deep fry the coated peanuts until crispy and golden brown. Lastly sprinkle some Right Foods' Tandoori Masala, Amchur Powder, and Black Salt over these fried peanuts and enjoy.

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