Natural Cow Ghee - 500 ml

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Good source of saturated fat, Provides energy, Decreases glycemic index. 100% pure. Great taste and healthy. Made from milk of organic grass fed cows. Traditional methods of processing made in small batches. Free from antibiotics or growth hormones.

Ghee is a form of clarified butter, which has had a strong presence in India for centuries. Ayurvedic practitioners reckon 'Ghee is Guru' and is at the helm of the oily foods list, since it has the healing benefits of butter without the impurities (saturated fat, milk solids). Our Organic Cow Ghee is traditionally made in small batches using full fat milk of Organic grass fed cows, and are also 'stress free' or 'happier' cows. Research indicates that milk from organic fed cows tends to be rich in nutrition, minerals and vitamins. Organic bred cows are not given growth hormones to increase the output of milk. Ghee is made by heating unsalted butter until it clarifies into its separate components: lactose (sugar), milk protein, and fat. Organic Cow Ghee aids in reducing bouts of constipation, improves bone health, assists in skincare, boosts fertility and virility, and also aids in weight loss. Cow Ghee also just happens to be simply delicious!

Net Weight - 500ml.
Shelf life - 24 months.
Origin - Maharashtra.

The Right Tip-
Ghee is more than just an cooking ingredient, its uses and applications are vast and varied. It may be used as a natural / home remedy for lactating moms, applying a small amount of ghee when breast feeding heals any sort of abrasions and is considered extremely safe and natural. One must wipe it off after a while and before the child feeds again. A recipe that is a family favorite, often had at breakfast is our Parsi Style Ravo (Suji Halwa). It is a simple recipe by roasting our Right Foods' Wheat Rawa in our Organic Cow ghee, until light brown in colour. Add warm water and cook until all water is absorbed, now gradually add milk, Right Foods white sulphur free sugar and cardamom powder. Keep cooking until it thickens like a halwa. Garnish with Right Foods' Cashewnuts and Raisins sautéed in our Organic Cow Ghee. This is dish is often made on auspicious days as per our Parsi tradition.

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