Natural Black Salt (Powder) - 250 gms

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Black Salt is commonly known as Kala Namak, sanchal, kala loon or black lava salt has been used in Indian kitchens for centuries. Kala Namak is a type of rock salt that is found from the volcanic mines or salty soils, of Northern India. Black Salt is naturally sourced, which is generally dark reddish black in color and has pungent smell and sulfurous odor. The powder of Kala Namak has pinkish gray colour. Natural Black Salt has alkaline properties which help reduce excess acid in the stomach, while its high mineral content lessens the damage caused by acid reflux. As per Ayurveda, Black Slat aids in indigestion, loss of appetite, has laxative benefits, reduces water retention, promotes good skin and hair.

Net W
eight - 250g
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage InformationStore in a cool, dry place

The Right Tip-
Black Salt or Kala Namak is less iodized and a more natural form of the salt, compared to store bought table salt which are iodized and has high sodium levels, and should be consumed in limited quantity. Black Salt is used in various dishes, like Paani Puri, Aloo Chaats, Fruit Chaats, Salads, Sauces, Pickles, Relishes, Savory Seasonings etc. to give it the quintessential chatpata flavor. For acidity and heartburn mix little Black Salt with coriander seed powder, cumin seed powder and fennel seed powder in equal proportions, add this mixture to lemon water and drink, it reduces acid reflux and balances the acid production in the stomach.

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