Natural Cinnamon Quills (True Srilankan) - 50 gms

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Medicinal Properties od cinnamon Zeylenicum, Low Coumarin compared to Cassia providing many health benefits.

True Cinnamon (Zeylenicum)

Cinnamon is a spice used in many cultures mainly for preparation of sweet and savoury food. Our Natural True SriLankan Cinnamon Quills isimported from SriLanka and have medicinal properties of Cinnamon Zeylenicum. These quills are delicate and flakier compared to cinnamon cassia chips. True Srilankan Cinnamon and has Low Coumarin as compared to Cassia and provides various health benefits. It is loaded with antioxidents and anti-inflamatory properties and is said to cut the risk of heart diseases.

Net W
eight - 50g
Origin - Sri Lanka
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage InformationStore in a cool, dry place.

The Right Tip - 
In a large pot bring to a boil 4 cups of water, 1 cinnamon quill, 3-4 pods of green cardamom, 6-8 cloves, 1 tablespoon of fennel seeds and a pinch of ginger powder, along with a few tulsi leaves. Sip on this herbal spice infused tea / Kadha through the day with a dash of lemon juice and honey, this drink has immunity boosting properties. The cinnamon quill can be reused, just rinse it under warm water and let it completely dry before using it again. To get the best flavour just run your used cinnamon quill over a grater few time to relase it's flavour, and it will be just like new.

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