Organic Bajra Flour - 500 gms

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Fibre is a key ingridient for good digestion and Bajra or pearl millets is an extremely good source of fibre, iron, protein and folic acid that keep constipation, anemia and obesity in check.

Net W
eight - 500g
Origin - Uttarkhand
Shelf Life - 4 months
Storage InformationStore in a cool, dry place.

The Right Tip-
Take two heaped tablespoon of Right Foods A2 Cow ghee, and fry some fresh green garlic or regular garlic until light golden brown. Completely crumble a cooked Bajra rotla and add it to the ghee and garlic mixture, cook for another 5-7 minutes and enjoy this highly nutritious Bajra & Garlic crumble with curd.

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