Organic Green Cardamom Powder - 25 gms

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Green cardamom pods are ground in-house to a fine powder. Our cardamom powder is not only certified organic but also free of any adultrants, preservatives or flavourings. We provide you with pure authentic cardamom powder. Cardamom is know. Research suggests that cardamom may protect against digestive issues and has been shown to reduce the number and size of stomach ulcers. Many gastrointestinal issues can be supressed with the use of green cardamom/ elaichi. 

Net W
eight - 25g
Origin - Karnataka
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage Information - Store in cool or dry place.

The Right Tip -
Cardamom powder is commonly used in preperation of Indian sweets and desserts. Make a delectable spiced tea cake using our cardamom powder. A true fusion cake that can be enjoyed with your evening masala chai.

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