Organic White Rice Poha (Thick) - 500 gms

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White Rice Flakes or Poha, is flattened white rice. Poha comes in different thickenss and our thick variety is used to make Batata Poha, chiwda etc. Superfood Poha is one of the healthiest breakfasts eaten averagly by every Indian on a daily basis. Poha is a source of healthy carbohydrates, that is why eating it as breakfast provides you with the required energy to go through your daily routine without giving any extra fat to store. 

Net W
eight - 500g
Origin - Karnataka
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage InformationStore in a cool, dry place.

The Right Tip - 
Make a healthy Tomato Masala Poha Pulau using our White Rice Poha - Thick with some vegetables in a spicy tomato gravy. This can be had for brunch or even as an evening snack.

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