Organic White Rice ( Sona Masoori Prime ) - 1 kg

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Perfect fluffy rice when cooked with great taste for everyday cooking.

Sonamasuri is a premium rice. The two varieties of Sonamasuri , brown and white, are available at Right Foods. It is a medium-grain and aromatic. It is a non polished rice and hence, retains slightly more nutrients. The carbohydrate content in Sonamasuri rice is less and hence, the nutritive value is more. They provide energy to the body and promote proper functioning of various vital organs like heart, brain, liver and kidneys. Sonamasuri rice also provides some amount of proteins. It is a fat-free and sodium-free variety of rice. It is best-suited for nutrition and weight loss.

Net W
eight - 1kg
Origin - Karnataka
Shelf Life - 6 months
Storage InformationStore in a cool, dry place.

The Right Tip -
Sona Masoori white rice can be soaked for an hour before cooking. The time to cook sona masoori rice is less compared to other white rice. The rice is usually ready in 15-20 mins when cooked on a stove. The Sonamasuri rice is used in various dishes such as fried rice, sweet Pongal, bhaths and even Idlis.

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